Saturday, July 11, 2009

Morning bracelet project

Today I'm going to get my eyes checked at noon, and my hair cut at 1:15. I had some time to kill between now and then, so I made up a bracelet!

Twisted metal links bracelet

I cut equal lengths of sterling silver wire, then balled the ends up of each side with my torch. Then I wrapped them into these double link forms. I seem to have lost my pickle (I don't do much torch work), but I actually kind of like the dark look of the firestain, so I decided to keep it for now. I linked the links together with little sterling rings, and I've got a temporary copper clasp on the back for now.

My torch ran out of fuel in the middle, so I've only got about half of it made. Haha! You're not supposed to refuel it while it's hot, so I've got to wait until after my appointments to finish it.

On my hand are my appointment times, and a quick design idea that I apparently just HAD to write down when I thought of it. It doesn't really look like much on my hand, but I promise it's an idea in my mind. Haha.

And there are lots of little rings and projects in the background it seems. I don't think I could ever have a "clean" workspace. That's good though, because I like having things all around.

Now I'm heading out for appointments.