Sunday, March 29, 2009

New this week at Red Panda - 3/29/09

In order from left to right:
1. Stretchy Bangle Chainmail Bracelet - Three shades of lovely blue in this one.
2. Electric Blue Tetra Earrings - Chalcedony, black garnet, and sterling silver
3. Copper Diamond Cut Chainmail Necklace - Yummy copper in the simple JPL pattern
4. Shenanigans Basics Chainmail Bracelet - Silver tone bracelet in a cool weave
5. Copper Twist Chainmail Earrings - I love the twisty rings at the bottom of these
6. Sterling and Purple Niobium Parallel Chainmail Bracelet - The purple rings are niobium, which is hypoallergenic. :)

Check back next Sunday for more new maille goodies. :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Artfire is awesome!

Hi everyone! I want to share with you a relatively new site called ArtFire. It's mostly for handmade items, like etsy, but there's also sections for design, and for supplies/vintage. They have some pretty cool features that are different from etsy, and once the site gets going (it's still in beta now) I think it is going to be Fabulous!!

Best part about it? They're offering $7.00/mo verified memberships for the first 5000 people that sign up. Seven dollars a month. That's it. That's 23 cents a day. That's the same as it costs to list or relist one item per day on etsy (about). My etsy bill is usually about $30 to $50 per month, so seven is a GREAT deal! There are no listing or transaction fees. Just the one monthly.

They have individual item in house stats as well as google analytics. They also have have a feature called My Market Hub which allows you to link to your presence on social networking sites like twitter, myspace and facebook, but also to your blog and even to your etsy site!

They have a one page listing process that's nice and simple. You can accept offers on your items (although this is not something that I do). Google Checkout and RME are integrated! You can set your items to automatically markdown themselves. It's super easy to have a sale because you can just use the feature to mark down your items however much you'd like. Then when your sale is over it'll turn right back. Lots of other great things are features as well. :D

Of the first 5000 accounts, there are fewer than 100 left! This is the final countdown. The $7.00/month is only for the first 5000, so sign up now to secure your price. Traffic is good there, and I've made enough so far in the few months I've been there to cover my fees for years. Anything I sell there is pure profit, no pesky fees! It's great. Admin there are so responsive, too. That's one of the best parts is the helpful administrators.

Here's the link if you all would like to sign up!

Click here to sign up for a verified artfire account. :)

Can't wait to see you all there. :D

<3 Jessica

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Handmade Highlight - Pincushions!

I don't sew. I couldn't hem a pair of pants if my life depended on it. However, I've recently been fascinated with pin cushions! Just look at them! They are just so gorgeous. Selections above are from various stores on and (click any picture to go to the listing). I want to buy three or four pin cushions and maybe put them in a glass bowl on a table in a foyer. Unfortunately I live in a small apartment with no foyer, nor a table, nor even a glass bowl. Super cute idea though, yes?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

New this week at Red Panda 3/22/09

New this week at Red Panda - 3/22/09

(Click picture to view larger)

In order from left to right:
1. Rainbow Dragon Maille Bracelet - I love rainbows, so the rainbow dragon maille bracelet was obviously following up shortly after the yellow dragon maille necklace I posted last week. A solid silver version will be up hopefully next week.

2. Sterling Fan Earrings with Pink Mystic Topaz - I'm falling more and more in love with gemstones recently, with topaz of any color being high on the list. The rings were super tiny in these earrings, but they look great.

3. Sterling Wrapped Eudialyte Pendant - Eudialyte! Can you see I've got a pink trend going on? Just an amazing stone, all wrapped up in stering silver.

4. Pearl Suspension Pendant Necklace - I've actually had the pearl suspension necklace made for months and months now, and just now got around to listing it.

5. Star Shower Bracelet - And I adore the star shower bracelet! Usually I pick one or two colors, or a rainbow as my color scheme, but this has four! Pink, blue, green and silver. Love the stars. So cute.

6. Striped Sterling and Copper Viperscale Plus Bracelet -
The sterling and copper viperscale plus bracelet is oh so sumptuous. It's a super dense weave, and I've woven it so it looks striped!

Check back next Sunday for more new maille goodies. :)

Mission: Style - New Sunglasses

New Sunglasses
(Click to view larger)

Got some new shades! Aren't they hot? I picked these up from a great consignment store in Murfreesboro, TN called Phase II. They don't have a brand stamped anywhere on them, so I don't know much about them except I think they look great.

Plus, this picture shows half of my hair cut, which is asymmetrical. This side I actually told the stylist to cut it all one length on this side (so the dark red hangs over the light), and well you can tell she obviously layered it pretty hard. That's okay though, because I'm getting used to it, plus I've got new sunglasses!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

New this week at Red Panda 3/15/09

New this week at Red Panda - 3/15/09

(click to view larger)

In order from left to right:
1. Yellow Dragon Maille Necklace
2. Chainmaille Bead Stitch Markers Set of 4 in Cool
3. Center Burst Chainmail Necklace in Green
4. Rose Gold and Sterling Helm Chainmaille Necklace
5. Tiny Peridot Wrapped Earrings
6. Blue and Brown Spiral Chainmail Bracelet

The yellow dragon maille bracelet I've put forth for spring. Pantone says yellow will be big, and I love sunny yellow, so I decided to make a solid yellow necklace. Magnetic clasp makes it easy to put on and take off.
I love the colors of the beaded stitch markers. Nice and soothing.
The green in the center burst necklace is a limited edition color that you won't find from other maillers. Nice and bright and grassy.
I've been wanting to make something from rose gold for a while now. I think the helm chain suits it perfectly.
Peridot earrings aren't chainmail, so it might be odd to see them in my store, but I think they're very pretty. :)
Blue and brown is a great color combination, and I'm excited to put it into this thick spiral bracelet.

Check back next Sunday for more new maille goodies. :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I want... JBL Spyro Multimedia Computer Speaker System

JBL Spyro Multimedia Computer Speaker System

I've been meaning to buy some computer speakers ever since I got my desktop computer. The built in speakers in my monitor are just absolutely horrid. I was camera price shopping and came upon these speakers at Look at how cute they are! Based on the reviews on Amazon, they're not bad sounding either. Hopefully I can pick some up soon. They're currently on sale for only sixty bucks.

How to get twitter followers who love your site

So of course you've heard about twitter by now. What IS twitter? It's a site for what's called "micro-blogging". You've got 140 characters to say whatever you want. You can follow other peoples' updates, and reply to their updates as well.

I tend to tweet whenever I list new interesting items, but mostly about my personal life, what's going on, fun/informative links, and most importantly, I reply to other tweets! This makes for a sense of community. I like community. :)

Here's the secret to being successful on twitter! TARGET who you're following. When you follow someone, they get an email saying you're following them, and they're likely to follow you back. This will put your updates in their timelines, and they'll read what you have to say whenever they log on.

Twitter has this nifty search tool ( Think of a term that is relevant to your business, to find people who are talking about it. If you make candles, search for candles and follow the people who are talking about candles. These are people already interested in the products you make. You're just introducing yourself to them.

Use the site to set up a notification of new people talking about you or the kind of things you make. I have tweetbeeps set up for redpanda, chainmail, and chainmaille. That way whenever someone tweets about chainmail, I know who they are and I can follow them.

Follow people how are following companies relevant to you. Do you sell on etsy or artfire? Here is the link to their twitter accounts. By following the people that are following your selling sites, you are introducing yourself to people who are already familiar with your site. They just might not have known about your specific site on their main page yet.

Think of your target market, and who they would be following. Then go and follow all of them!

Note it's against twitter rules to just massively follow everyone. Follow in moderation, and follow relevant people whose tweets interest you.

After a while, if you want to clear out those who aren't following you back, you can use to do so. I do this very rarely, and of course I don't unfollow many people. Just ones who haven't updated in a while.

In the left part of my twitter page, I have a small collage of my items with my web address. Anyone who looks at my page will instantly know what I make and where to find it. To upload your own image, go to settings, then design, then change background image.

I'd love to see you all on twitter!

<3 Jessica

Sunday, March 8, 2009

New at RedPanda this week - 3/8/09

(click to show larger picture)

New this week at - 3/8/09

In order from left to right:

Sterling Wrapped Seraphinite Pendant - $100

Glow Persian Stretchy Chainmail Bracelet - $20

Orbis Flower Pendant in Sterling and Rose Gold - $40

Orbis Flower Earrings in Sterling and Rose Gold - $60

Lovely Flower Chainmail Earrings in Purple - $14

JPL Spiral Chainmail Necklace - $40

The way the light shines off the seraphinite stone is just amazing. I wish I could capture it in my pictures better.
I'm still loving my glow in the dark rubber rings. A simpler bracelet I felt was in order!
The Orbis design is brand new; I especially love the way the rose gold looks in there.
Lovely flower earrings are a classic in my shop. Purple and affordable!
JPL is brand new also! This is the first JPL chain I've listed. I've got another one in copper diamond shaped rings made up and it's not listed yet. This silver one is amazingly lightweight, while the copper has a nice heavy feel. Be looking for it soon!

All these items are also available on my website and on my artfire site. See you next week for the Red Panda weekly update!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Canon Powershot SX10IS Camera

Canon Powershot SX10IS

This is the camera I'm upgrading to once I save up some money. I have a currently have a Canon powershot A630 now, which I love. My favorite part about it is the flip out LCD that rotates. It's super easy for me to take pictures from any angle, and I can always clearly see what I'm doing.

There are two main reasons I'm upgrading to the SX10 IS. One, the IS stands for Image Stabilization. My current camera doesn't have this. I don't shoot with a tripod, so I think it'll help me un-blur some of the pics I take. Two, it has a super macro setting! I use my camera I'd say 90% for taking jewelry photos, which are almost all very up close and detail oriented. I'm excited about super macro! It can take pics from 0 cm. Yes, zero. Apparently you can take pictures of things right on the lens. Haha. I'm not sure they mean that exactly, but I'm excited to test out its capabilities.

And then ten megapixels over eight is an improvement, although I shoot mostly for web viewing so I admit I don't shoot at full resolution anyway. So 10 over 8 doesn't make that big of a difference to me.

This camera is about as close as I can get to DSLR without actually having to deal with learning how to use a DSLR. I shoot in manual mode now, but I like not having to worry about lenses and I like having all kinds of cool settings if I want to use them (which sometimes I do). Plus the price break is nice.

Once I get it and take pics with it, I'll share the results! You can see the picture results from my current Canon Powershot A630 at

<3 Jessica

Monday, March 2, 2009

I want...

by mollyjey on etsy

I love the 3D look of this paper sculpture. I'm also loving the white on colored background.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I need to get more blog involved

So I've decided I need to update my blog more! I've decided to implement a new feature showing what items are new this week in my shop. I'm also going to start featuring other artists, and updating more in general with normal things, to keep it interesting. Here's New this week number one!

In order from left to right:
1. Purple Drop Necklace
2. Mixed Rainbow Chainmail Bracelet
3. Scarab Chainmail Basics Bracelet
4. Green Prehnite Sterling Lariat Necklace
5. Double Link Chainmail Necklace
6. Gemstones and Chainmaille Earrings in Green Aventurine

Stay tuned for more!
<3 Jessica