Saturday, December 27, 2008

Blogger Challenge: What’s in Your Bag?

Iris over at recently posted this blogger challenge, and I figured I'd do one too!

Here’s the challenge: Dump out your bag (no cleaning!) and post a pic of it. Men with messenger bags, this applies to you, too. Bullet-point the contents with amusing commentary.

Purse Contents

Jessica's Bag:

♦ Purse, covered with tons of buttons I made.
♦ Circuit City receipt from when I bought my printer
♦ Envelopes containing Christmas cards + cash for me and my little brother.
♦ Duct tape wallet, which serves as my main wallet that I made back in probably 10th grade.
♦ Tampon for just in case.
♦ Deodorant for just in case.
♦ Two flavors of Orbit gum. I love orbit gum. These are strawberry mint and sweet mint.
♦ Handmade business card holder that I got off Fabric looks like train tickets. Has business cards inside.
♦ Nexium from when I had stomach problems. Tummy's better now, should probably take that out of purse.
♦ A post it note with a customer's address and a note saying what I need to send them. I talked to them on the phone instead of online, which is why I have it written down and in my purse. Need to take that out, too.
♦ My super awesome Creative Zen 16 gig mp3 player with nifty case that I got as a secret santa gift from the Unique Women in Business Group. Also my super cool pink and white Skullcandy ear buds.
♦ Ear wires that I got at the craft store. Why take a tiny plastic bag when I've got a perfectly good bag already?
♦ Pocket mirror for applying all those lip glosses
♦ Printed email from my boss telling me to pick something up. I actually forgot to pick it up. Good thing I dumped out my purse contents. I'll do that on Monday.
♦ A pen and a red Sharpie fine point.
♦ Two Stila lip glosses
♦ Two Avon lip glosses
♦ Burt's Bees lip shimmer in Nutmeg

And that's me!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My New Packaging!

This is my new Red Panda packaging! All orders will arrive to you in a nifty box as such. PLUS it's super green! Here's in the info on the box:

"100% Recycled Jewelry Boxes. Box board consists of 100% recycled fiber - on average 80% is post consumer. Paper wrap material is Manufactured Carbon Neutral, FSC Certified, Green-e certified with wind certificates, Process Chlorine Free (PCF), Made in the USA with 100% post consumer waste & Green seal certified. All jewelry boxes are two piece rigid setup boxes filled with non-tarnishing ultra white synthetic cotton."

I also ship in 100% recycled mailers.

I'm rather happy with the way everything looks. What do you think?

Monday, December 8, 2008

My lightbox

Today I went to Target and picked up this table so I would have a dedicated photo taking area.

This is my light box! It's literally a box. It's a ghetto light box. Haha. I took a cardboard box, cut holes in three sides of it, and then taped a white sheet over the holes.

With the table at target I got some of those nifty halogen daylight bulbs, and I can already tell it's making a huge difference in my photos just from the ones I took today.

The little lamps are also from Target, super cheap (careful don't let the light bulbs rest on the sheets! fire hazard!)

I've been meaning to get a taller lamp that can lean right over the top possibly, but obviously haven't done that yet.

In the shot are my two main props: my necklace bust and my piece of pottery that I got from a secret buddy exchange that I photograph all my earrings on. I don't know what the pottery was supposed to be used for, but it is perfect for earring photography!

Also lots of scrapbooking paper, although I almost always use the purple. It just seems to look good always.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Adventures in Wire wrapping

Despite being really really good at chainmaille, I've done surprisingly little wirewrapping. This was my first attempt at the herringbone pattern. A little wonky, but first tries usually are, yes?

These of course won't be for sale, being my first try and also being previously worn by me. These are my own personal pair that I will keep. :)

Also, My first two sets of ear piercings are big, so I can only wear normal earrings in my third set. Dangly just looks kind of odd in the back there. Oh well.

Sterling + black onyx