Saturday, December 6, 2008

Adventures in Wire wrapping

Despite being really really good at chainmaille, I've done surprisingly little wirewrapping. This was my first attempt at the herringbone pattern. A little wonky, but first tries usually are, yes?

These of course won't be for sale, being my first try and also being previously worn by me. These are my own personal pair that I will keep. :)

Also, My first two sets of ear piercings are big, so I can only wear normal earrings in my third set. Dangly just looks kind of odd in the back there. Oh well.

Sterling + black onyx


Stir Designs said...

I kinda like the "dangly in back"! Is that anything like a mullet? Of course, in your case it would be sparkle in the front....or maybe I've just been spending too much time staring at my monitor. Anywho, very cute earrings!