Monday, December 8, 2008

My lightbox

Today I went to Target and picked up this table so I would have a dedicated photo taking area.

This is my light box! It's literally a box. It's a ghetto light box. Haha. I took a cardboard box, cut holes in three sides of it, and then taped a white sheet over the holes.

With the table at target I got some of those nifty halogen daylight bulbs, and I can already tell it's making a huge difference in my photos just from the ones I took today.

The little lamps are also from Target, super cheap (careful don't let the light bulbs rest on the sheets! fire hazard!)

I've been meaning to get a taller lamp that can lean right over the top possibly, but obviously haven't done that yet.

In the shot are my two main props: my necklace bust and my piece of pottery that I got from a secret buddy exchange that I photograph all my earrings on. I don't know what the pottery was supposed to be used for, but it is perfect for earring photography!

Also lots of scrapbooking paper, although I almost always use the purple. It just seems to look good always.


Becca said...

just like strobist said!
I had one of those, but I had bad lighting so I went back to natural light. It's getting dark quickly now, tho...I'll need to dig it out.

Random Musings said...

thanks for the tips! Would love to see the final pic of the item in the light box?

Not Nilla Designs said...

I too followed Strobist's blog and made my card board box light box and it's FANTASTIC!!!

I do have a question about these halogen daylight bulbs - are they different than the Reveal daylight bulbs? I used those cheap clip on lights you get at home depot/Lowes, the kind that are all silver with the socket that clip on.

using the light box made all the difference in the world.

Love your blog!