Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Canon Powershot SX10IS Camera

Canon Powershot SX10IS

This is the camera I'm upgrading to once I save up some money. I have a currently have a Canon powershot A630 now, which I love. My favorite part about it is the flip out LCD that rotates. It's super easy for me to take pictures from any angle, and I can always clearly see what I'm doing.

There are two main reasons I'm upgrading to the SX10 IS. One, the IS stands for Image Stabilization. My current camera doesn't have this. I don't shoot with a tripod, so I think it'll help me un-blur some of the pics I take. Two, it has a super macro setting! I use my camera I'd say 90% for taking jewelry photos, which are almost all very up close and detail oriented. I'm excited about super macro! It can take pics from 0 cm. Yes, zero. Apparently you can take pictures of things right on the lens. Haha. I'm not sure they mean that exactly, but I'm excited to test out its capabilities.

And then ten megapixels over eight is an improvement, although I shoot mostly for web viewing so I admit I don't shoot at full resolution anyway. So 10 over 8 doesn't make that big of a difference to me.

This camera is about as close as I can get to DSLR without actually having to deal with learning how to use a DSLR. I shoot in manual mode now, but I like not having to worry about lenses and I like having all kinds of cool settings if I want to use them (which sometimes I do). Plus the price break is nice.

Once I get it and take pics with it, I'll share the results! You can see the picture results from my current Canon Powershot A630 at http://www.redpandajewelry.com

<3 Jessica


jeannie wray said...

can't wait to here how you like your new camera!