Sunday, March 8, 2009

New at RedPanda this week - 3/8/09

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New this week at - 3/8/09

In order from left to right:

Sterling Wrapped Seraphinite Pendant - $100

Glow Persian Stretchy Chainmail Bracelet - $20

Orbis Flower Pendant in Sterling and Rose Gold - $40

Orbis Flower Earrings in Sterling and Rose Gold - $60

Lovely Flower Chainmail Earrings in Purple - $14

JPL Spiral Chainmail Necklace - $40

The way the light shines off the seraphinite stone is just amazing. I wish I could capture it in my pictures better.
I'm still loving my glow in the dark rubber rings. A simpler bracelet I felt was in order!
The Orbis design is brand new; I especially love the way the rose gold looks in there.
Lovely flower earrings are a classic in my shop. Purple and affordable!
JPL is brand new also! This is the first JPL chain I've listed. I've got another one in copper diamond shaped rings made up and it's not listed yet. This silver one is amazingly lightweight, while the copper has a nice heavy feel. Be looking for it soon!

All these items are also available on my website and on my artfire site. See you next week for the Red Panda weekly update!



JuliaA said...

pretty! the seraphinite pendant looks absolutely stunning.

Kristen said...

Soo pretty! WOW!