Sunday, March 22, 2009

New this week at Red Panda 3/22/09

New this week at Red Panda - 3/22/09

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In order from left to right:
1. Rainbow Dragon Maille Bracelet - I love rainbows, so the rainbow dragon maille bracelet was obviously following up shortly after the yellow dragon maille necklace I posted last week. A solid silver version will be up hopefully next week.

2. Sterling Fan Earrings with Pink Mystic Topaz - I'm falling more and more in love with gemstones recently, with topaz of any color being high on the list. The rings were super tiny in these earrings, but they look great.

3. Sterling Wrapped Eudialyte Pendant - Eudialyte! Can you see I've got a pink trend going on? Just an amazing stone, all wrapped up in stering silver.

4. Pearl Suspension Pendant Necklace - I've actually had the pearl suspension necklace made for months and months now, and just now got around to listing it.

5. Star Shower Bracelet - And I adore the star shower bracelet! Usually I pick one or two colors, or a rainbow as my color scheme, but this has four! Pink, blue, green and silver. Love the stars. So cute.

6. Striped Sterling and Copper Viperscale Plus Bracelet -
The sterling and copper viperscale plus bracelet is oh so sumptuous. It's a super dense weave, and I've woven it so it looks striped!

Check back next Sunday for more new maille goodies. :)


365 Letters said...

Beautiful work! I like the Eudialyte Pendant the best!