Sunday, March 29, 2009

New this week at Red Panda - 3/29/09

In order from left to right:
1. Stretchy Bangle Chainmail Bracelet - Three shades of lovely blue in this one.
2. Electric Blue Tetra Earrings - Chalcedony, black garnet, and sterling silver
3. Copper Diamond Cut Chainmail Necklace - Yummy copper in the simple JPL pattern
4. Shenanigans Basics Chainmail Bracelet - Silver tone bracelet in a cool weave
5. Copper Twist Chainmail Earrings - I love the twisty rings at the bottom of these
6. Sterling and Purple Niobium Parallel Chainmail Bracelet - The purple rings are niobium, which is hypoallergenic. :)

Check back next Sunday for more new maille goodies. :)


msbelle said...

That's really cool!

kim* said...

very neat!