Sunday, April 5, 2009

Who's got red hair?

I've got red hair!

wavy red hair

I redyed it just last night. Naturally, my hair's a medium brown. I use the Miss Clairol's Real Red series, which you can pick up the color and some developer at Sally Beauty for less than a box at the grocery store. It works great! I can't comment on how the gray coverage is because *crosses fingers that I don't jinx it* I don't have any yet.

A while back, Walgreen's had Revlon's Colorist dye on sale for only six dollars. It normally sells for $15.99 so it was a pretty good deal. It's so expensive because it comes with "color glaze", a once a week treatment to put the oomph back in your color. I got a box (light auburn) to try it out (with red hair, you ALWAYS need any oomph you can get!). Turns out it was not a winner in my books. Left my hair feeling horribly brittle, unlike any other dye I've used. The color glaze just wasn't conditioning at all.

If I'm ever getting box anything again it'll always be Clairol's natural instincts line. I buy that stuff when it's on sale in a color I don't even want just for the conditioner it comes with. It's not a permanent hair dye; it washes out after 6 weeks or so. My routine from now on will probably be something along the lines of Real Reds permanent color and condition once a week with the stuff from the Natural Instincts line. Oh yeah.


niftyknits said...

I'm a Swarzkopf (that surely can't be how to spel it!) girl - cyber violet for me! Yours looks great!

All Wired Up TOO said...

I was a dark auburn girl for years~until I discovered my hubby didn't tell me he didn't like RED! 8^O..Looks great!

Katherine said...

Perfect color for you!

nuvonova said...

It looks stunning!! I love red hair.

Tashai said...

Hot! I went red for 10 years using henna. Almost that exact color too. It was fun. Now I'm mostly blond again.