Friday, April 10, 2009

Vacation time!

I'm on a much needed etsy vacation! Here's the scoop:

I am on etsy vacation until further notice. This means that if you go to my etsy store at, you'll notice almost all of my items are gone! Not to worry though, they'll be back soon. :)

Now, I'm not on chainmaille vacation, just on etsy vacation. If you need some lovely maille (which of course you do), almost all my items from etsy are now available in my artfire shop at as well as on my website

Throughout my vacation I'll still be working on custom orders, making new items, taking product pictures, and packaging and shipping orders along with pretty much everything I do when I'm not on vacation. I just need a pause in my etsy orders so I can get caught up, and to finally take some relaxing time once I am fully caught up.

In the week I'm on vacation, I plan to have all pending custom orders made, photographed, listed, and shipped out. I'll be completely up to date with all orders. I plan to completely reorganize and clean my crafting space, to make better use of everything. I intend to work out a new shipping system, so the process is more smooth and my boyfriend can help me out when things get hectic. I also plan on reading a book in a bubble bath, going out to dinner, and watching a movie on the couch with my boyfriend. Vacations are for relaxing, too! It's been really hard for me to find time to relax lately, and I think a de-stressing is in order.

Thank you everyone for your continued support! I'm still around and online, so if at any time you have any questions, comments, or if you'd like me to start a custom order for you, send me an etsy convo, artfire message, or email to

See you in a week!


Miki said...

Enjoy your little break! Although it isn't much of one since your still working. But it will sure feel great to be caught up & start fresh!