Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Flooded lake oh noes!

This past weekend my boyfriend and I decided to go eat lunch at the lake. We got there, and it was FLOODED! As in, the bench we were going to sit on was completely submerged.

It was okay though! I took lots of pictures.
Look how far out this normally land-based tree was.

flooded lake with tree

See the sidewalk there? It was crazy.

I did get to see a ducky family though!

Mama duck with ducklings on green lake

And a few nights ago I took this picture of the full moon.

full moon

That pic made it to explore on flickr. Yay!


JuliaA said...

love the ducky pic!

MeganZ said...

Great pics - especially the ducks. And I can't *believe* how far out that tree is. Seriously? :)

Jennifer Rose said...

that is such a neat sight! :D very eerie looking

lisianblue said...

wow - love the ducks and that moon pic is great! Congrats on making it to Explore! YAY!!!

Glitzer said...

It's a shame you didnt get to take lunch at the beach! However you had taken great snaps! My fave is the moon!


DJ said...

Wow - excellent moon picture!!