Sunday, May 3, 2009

How to make a quick, easy pliers holder

Today I was cleaning my workspace, and I decided I needed a place to hold my recently used pliers. I considered getting a wooden desktop holder, but then decided that a hanging option would be idea to conserve precious desk space. I almost went and got a few fancy hooks, but then an idea struck me! Magnets!

I went out and rounded up some supplies, and my idea worked out great. Here's a picture tutorial so you can make your own, if you're so inclined.

1. First off, gather your materials. I wanted something easy to hang on my wall, and this cake pan already had a hole in it, was magnetic, and it was the size I needed for 4 pairs of pliers.

You'll need:
Shallow cake pan or cookie sheet if you have a lot of pliers
Strong magnets
Glue. I used jewelry glue, because it's what I had around. Make sure the glue you get can glue metal to metal.

2. Position your pliers where you'd like them to hang on your cake pan and make note of where the "join" of them are. This is where you will glue the magnets.

3. Glue down your magnets and let them dry.

4. Hang your new magnetic pliers holder on the wall, and put your pliers on. Voila! You are done!

magnetic metal pliers holder

Not the prettiest hanging pliers holder out there, BUT it's super quick to make, super cheap (my total cost was about $7.00 for cake pan and magnets), and it works! It's a little big for my small space, but I'm not worried about aesthetics so much as getting my pliers off my desk. Good to go!

You might want to secure both the bottom and the top holes, so it does not come loose from the wall when you pull off a pair of pliers.

Hope you guys have fun making your own! :)

<3 Jessica


PoleStar Jewelry said...

Very cool! Thanks for sharing.

beryl said...

I really like it, thanks for sharing it!

Alisuns said...

Cool! I keep my magnetic clasps in a clump on my workspace. That way if I mix up base metal and precious metal all I have to do is roll the magnets across the scatter. What's left is usually precious metal.

Also, after laying my pliers on them often enough, they are magnetic (not strong enough to hang on wall without magnet).

janzia said...

That is such a cool idea. Thanks for sharing!

JessicaVanDen said...

What a fantastic idea! I shall have to try something like this to keep my space tidy!

Evie's Tool Emporium said...

Very clever!

Kate8085 said...

Great idea! Thank you!

Lynne DeVenny said...

I'm forwarding the link to this post to my daughter, the costume construction major.

I use a cake pan as a portable tray for my pastels. It'd be a shame to bake a cake in one, right? lol