Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Makeup Removal

All of my makeup

This is approximately $700 worth of makeup, my whole collection. Not a ton for some people, but I've decided that all of it is completely unnecessary.

I am myself as a person, and I accept myself and my image. I no longer feel the need to mask my image, hide some parts of my face while highlighting others. My face is what it is. I like my face. My boyfriend likes my face. I don't need anyone else to like my face.

And I certainly don't need to be spending $700 on products that only serve a vain purpose. Think of how much food $700 could have bought for hungry people. I could have paid off half of one of my student loans or made two car payments. I could have bought a nice new camera lens (okay, that's pretty self-serving, but I'd say definitely a better use of money).

So today I've collected all of my makeup, as shown in this picture, and I am getting rid of it all. In the past I did enjoy making myself up and feeling pretty, but I can feel pretty every day without it. I don't want to end up looking like one of those crazy artificial ladies on TV.

So farewell, all my cosmetics. I will no longer support the beauty industry. I will no longer spend my hard-earned money on the insecurities you bestow upon women. I will no longer let myself feel inadequate because of your advertising. A normal woman has pores, and I'm going to let my pores shine on in all their glory from here on out. I will no longer smother myself in chemicals only to use more chemicals to cover the side effects of the chemicals.

Who needs it all anyway? Not me, anymore. The end!