Thursday, October 8, 2009

Monthly Goal Meetup - October

It's time for the monthly goal meetup!

Here's how I did on my September goals

1. Add one new item to my etsy shop each day in September!
I didn't quite make this one. It was a great goal to have though! I definitely got a lot done, especially toward the beginning of the month. On some days I listed two, so I feel like it was definitely a benefit.

2. Finish the rainbow coif.
Didn't finish the coif, although I did fill in two more rows.

3. Blog at least once a day. This meant to say once a week!!! lol. I had four posts in September, so I'll say goal met on that one!

4. Hit 250 facebook fans and 870 sales on my etsy shop. I'm at 364 facebook fans and exactly 870 etsy sales. I had 869 at the end of September, but I say that's close enough!!

Now for October goals. October is organization month for me.

1. Complete an entire inventory list overhaul, syncing up stock on my domain site, etsy site, and artfire site.

2. Customize some accounting spreadsheets, and start using them for all of my October business purchases and sales.

3. List at least three new items a week in my etsy shop.

Good luck to everyone else participating!


owlandbunnyblog said...

Great list for October & congrats on your Sept goals! (ps. your makeup removal post is pretty amazing!!)


Nishant said...

its simply beautiful

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