Monday, June 28, 2010

Handmade Highlight - mmsomewhere

I've recently become completely enamored with bicycles. They can solve tons of America's problems (I'll write a fleshed out post on this later). As you know, I also love etsy so I went browsing on etsy for awesome bicycle related things and added a ton of great items to my favorites.

One of the first things I actually purchased was this wallet from mmsomewhere. Isn't it awesome?
Bike Wallet by

Immediately after purchase, mmsomewhere sent me a convo to say she was out of town and when the wallet would ship, as noted in her shop announcement. (I love good seller communication like this.) Then a few days later she said she was back early and shipped the wallet out the next day. It got here super quick, and it was a fabulous transaction! Plus the wallet is great. I love how all the compartments on the inside are clear. It just looks really awesome.

Here are some more things from mmsomewhere that you can choose. I love the highly saturated colors in everything. She takes all the pictures herself, plus there's free shipping. What's not to love? I highly recommend her shop. :)