Sunday, June 27, 2010


As you may recall, the house I was moving into flooded in the Nashville floods of May 2010. Now the water has receded, our house has been repaired, and we've been moved in for a few weeks now. Hooray!
My favorite part? The train in the sky across the street from my house. :)

Train on trestle

We live right beside a park, so I'm always seeing wildlife/interesting bugs. Here's a cute caterpillar that fell off my porch yesterday.


There's a police car on my block for at least some amount of time every day. Never does anything, just sits on my street. I have no idea why.
hidden police car

I like abandoned buildings. This office is very different from the kinds of abandoned buildings I like. It's just the empty office floor underneath the floor in the building I work in downtown. Love the floor to ceiling windows. Too bad nobody gets to work here!
empty office building

It has some great views!
downtown view

This is the new eco-friendly version of Deaderick Street that was completed in Nashville recently. I like it!
Deaderick Street in Nashville